How to Package Lemon Bars

By Laurianna Callaghan

Lemon bars are a sweet dessert usually made in a 9-by-13-inch pan. A flaky crust lines the bottom of the bar and a sweet lemon filling is baked on top. Many lemon bar recipes call for an extra sprinkle of powdered sugar on top.

Ship lemon bars in an airtight container.

To package and ship these tasty treats, an extra dash of powdered sugar will reduce the chance of the bars sticking to the waxed paper. To avoid condensation and a mushy crust, wait until the bars are completely cooled before packaging them.


Step 1

Fill the larger brown corrugated box with a layer of bubble wrap, shipping peanuts or crumpled newspaper one inch high. Set this box aside.

Step 2

Line the airtight plastic container on the bottom and sides with wax paper. This container should be the size of the pan holding the lemon bars. Place the lemon bar square in the bottom of the container on top of waxed paper. If the lemon bar square is too large, cut to fit as close to the edges of the container as possible.

Step 3

Shake the extra powdered sugar on top of the lemon bar square. Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the lemon bars. If there is any extra room between the airtight container and the lemon bars, fill this space with crumpled wax paper so the bars will not move during shipping.

Step 4

Place the lid on top of the airtight container and seal it tight, burping the lid if necessary by lifting a corner of the lid and pushing the center down so air escapes through that corner, and then reseal it.

Step 5

Place the plastic airtight container into the corrugated box with the layer of packing material. Add packing material around each of the sides of the plastic container as well as on top.

Step 6

Close the corrugated box and tape around all corners and edges.

Step 7

Write "This Side Up" with an arrow pointing up on each side of the shipping box with permanent marker. Add shipping label.