Whether traveling for business or pleasure, there are many occasions or events that require women bring along a business skirt suit. However, simply shoving the suit into a plastic bag or suitcase can create unsightly wrinkling. Instead of spending your precious free time in the hotel ironing your suit coat and skit, pack the garments correctly in a garment bag to cut down on or prevent excess wrinkling.

Things You'll Need

Iron your skirt suit according to the label’s directions. Depending on the fabric, this might include starching a cotton suit’s collar. If the suit isn’t wrinkled or newly cleaned, hang it inside a steamy bathroom for 10 to 15 minutes to remove any creasing or lines.

Locate a wooden hanger featuring metal or plastic clips. Carefully hang the skirt from the clips first.

Slip the blouse you plan to wear with the skit suit over the hanger first. Button up the shirt before hanging up the suit’s coat. Slide the blouse’s sleeves through the coat’s sleeves before buttoning up the coat. Slipping the blouse’s sleeves through the coat’s sleeves helps prevent both garments from sliding around on the hanger and inside the bag.

Slip the hanger inside a garment bag. Make sure that every piece of clothing is safely inside the bag before securing the zipper. Carry the garment bag on the plane by the hanger only to prevent wrinkling the clothing inside.

Remove the skit suit from the garment bag immediately once you’re inside the hotel room. If the suit or blouse isn’t excessively wrinkled, place it inside a steamy bathroom for 10 to 15 minutes to eliminate any minor creases or lines.