Pierced ears can close or shrink up over time if jewelry is left out for a long period of time. Earrings may be left out for a job or school, and when the time to move on to a different place of employment or when graduating, one may decide that they want earrings in their piercings again. The ears will not have to be pierced again to insert jewelry back into the piercings; a simple procedure will have you wearing earrings again instantly.

Things You'll Need

Go to a professional body piercer’s shop in your area.

Explain to the piercer that you would like your ears tapered. Tapering is a process that uses a sterile instrument called a taper. The taper consists of a small end that is the same size as the closed hole. The taper gradually increases in size to the large end, which will be the same size as the jewelry. The small side is inserted into the ear to gently and gradually open the hole back up and the jewelry follows behind the large end of the taper to complete the process.

Select the jewelry you wish to wear in your ears from the selection provided. Ask the piercer to explain what size jewelry will work for your ears.

Fill out the paperwork that the piercer gives you and alert the piercer to any medications, allergies or medical conditions you may have.

Sit still and breathe deeply and calmly as the piercer performs the tapering.
Jewelry will be inserted after the hole is opened up.

Listen carefully and follow the aftercare instructions the piercer provides to take care of your tapered ears.


  • Bring old jewelry with you to the shop. A professional piercer can sterilize appropriate jewelry that you have had previously in your ears.

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