It’s called lash lust — the desire for thick, dark, show-stopper eyelashes, and women are going to great lengths to get them. Women are investing in new formulas of mascara that have lengthening fibers, adhesive eyelashes, eyelash-growth products and professionally applied lash extensions without batting an eye. But before you spend a pretty penny on lash enhancers, a little bit of lash-care at home goes a long way in nourishing and enhancing what you already have!

Things You'll Need

Properly Clean and Care for Eyelashes

Use a makeup-removing lotion every night before bed to take off eye makeup. There are basic products that focus on gently dissolving otherwise hard-to-remove eye makeup and conditioning your eye area. There also are more sophisticated treatment lotions that dissolve eye makeup as well as strengthen your lashes over time by incorporating ingredients that stimulate the production of keratin, a protein that the body produces that strengthens nails and hair.

Apply the lotion to a cotton ball and swipe in a gentle, circular motion to remove eye makeup. Let the lotion set for about 30 seconds to give it time to break down the makeup. Continue to wipe, working from the roots to the tips of the lashes until your cotton ball doesn’t pick up any trace of makeup. Be careful to avoid tugging at the lashes, which can cause them to fall out.

Gently apply a thin layer of a carrier oil of your choice — vitamin-E oil, castor oil and olive oil are natural products that are readily available — with your ring fingers. For a more thorough application, use a clean mascara brush to help ensure coverage from root to tip. An oil will help condition your lashes and make them stronger and lusher by opening up the eyelash follicles, drawing out impurities and stimulating growth. A well-nourished eyelash is less susceptible to breakage.

Use a face cleanser to wash off the oil from your lashes in the morning. Removing the oil from the lashes is a necessary step. Oil left on the lashes may attract dirt and will prevent fresh makeup from wearing properly.