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Earrings add a finishing touch to an outfit and also make for an appropriate birthday, anniversary or holiday gift. Losing earrings is an easy thing to do because of the relatively small size of the jewelry pieces, as well as the fact that certain types of earrings can accidentally fall out of your ears. Making a few changes in the way you wear and store your earrings can help ensure that you know where your jewelry is at all times.

Purchase pierced earrings that latch shut after being inserted into the ear. Such earrings are called leverback and don't fall out of your ears, which keeps you from losing this particular type of earrings. This style can also be added by your jeweler.

Buy and use earring stoppers for pierced earrings that don't have backs or don't close. These stoppers prevent earrings from unexpectedly falling out of your ears. Different varieties of stoppers are sold in jewelry stores and online.

Carry a box, small bag or pouch inside your purse or other bag for the earrings you wear while away from home. This gives you a safe place to store the earrings if you decide to take them out before heading back home.

Use a jewelry box or earring tree that contains several individual slots for different pairs of earrings. Different slots keep you from accidentally clumping together non-matching earrings together, which could lead to accidentally dropping or misplacing earrings.

Remove your good earrings from your ears as soon as you return home. Place the earrings into a slot in the jewelry box or on the earring tree. Storing earrings prevents the jewelry from falling out while you sit or lay down in your home. Wear less expensive earrings while at home.

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