We all have that favorite pair of shoes that we just can’t part with. But just because they look good or feel comfortable doesn’t mean they smell nice. And stinky shoes are never a good thing. No one wants embarrassing odor escaping from his shoes and following him around. You can use pricey sprays to try to remove or mask the odor, but there’s an inexpensive option that’s probably in your cupboard already.

Things You'll Need

Pour baking soda into both of your stinky shoes. For the first treatment of ultra-smelly sneakers, use about 1/4 cup in each shoe.

Angle your shoe and tap it lightly on the floor so the baking soda goes all the way down to the toe of the shoes and covers the whole inside. Leave the shoes overnight with the baking soda inside.

Dump the powder in the trash before wearing the shoes.

Maintain your shoes with weekly or twice weekly treatments of baking soda. After the initial dousing in baking soda, you should be able to reduce the amount you use each time.

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