Dead skin tends to accumulate around areas of irritated tissue on your feet. These buildups are known as corns, and they’re not only unattractive. They can be downright painful. Most of the time corns build up because of the shoes a person wears. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to get rid of as long as you are diligent. Once gone, it may be time to buy some new footwear, preferably something that isn’t so small your foot feels constrained.

Things You'll Need

Rub your feet with cocoa butter during the day. Make sure to cover the corns well. This will moisten them throughout the day and make it easier to get rid of them later. Cocoa butter is an all-natural plant fat that stays for a while thanks to naturally occurring antioxidants. It will also promote healthy skin in general.

At night, fill a basin with warm water. Put enough water in so that it completely covers your feet.

Soak your feet in the water for 20 minutes to further moisten the corns. This will probably allow some of the dead skin to flake off right away.

Scrub away the corns with a pumice stone. The skin should come off easily at this point. A pumice stone is rough and sandpaper-like and sold at most drug stores.


  • Keep some cocoa butter on you at all times. Even when you don’t have corns, it’s a great natural moisturizer.