How to Model for American Apparel

By LeafTV Editor

American Apparel is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. More than this, however, the company has transformed itself from a mere fashion concern into a fashion idea, a trend unto itself. Modeling for the company has a very definite meaning, as American Apparel models have a distinctly American Apparel look. Follow a few steps to model for the up-and-coming company.

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How To Model For American Apparel


Learn the American Apparel look. It might be difficult to explain in words, but American Apparel has a look. It's mindful of haute couture as it sneers at high fashion; and it evokes the values of fur while putting more store in animal rights than high design. Look at American Apparel catalogs, clothing and videos to try to internalize the image.

Act the part. American Apparel look is as much about a swagger and a disinterested look in the eye as it is about clothes. You should innovate your own style on the basis of American Apparel designs, but also take care to carry yourself correctly. It's not a nose in the air, one foot in front of the other demeanor the company is looking for, so be relaxed and casual to act American Apparel cool.

Be in the right place at the right time. The company has been known to spot models on the street as well as in its stores. While hanging around the stores is not a bad way to get noticed, working in one of them is even better. Try getting a job as a salesperson as American Apparel to catch someone's eye.

Get an agent or talent representation. At the end of the day, a talent agent is most likely to place you in a American Apparel ads. Find a good talent agent in your area who can get you in front of American Apparel marketing execs to give you your chance at becoming a model for the company.