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You can mix wine and hard liquor into a wide variety of flavorful cocktails. Bartenders around the world combine almost everything behind the bar to give customers new and original drinks. Experimentation over the years has resulted in quite a few tried and true fortified wine cocktails. The complex flavors of wine, champagne and port wine can be enhanced with a hard-liquor spike. Combine the best of the vineyard with the best of the still for top-quality wine cocktails.

Select a glass in which to serve the wine and hard liquor mixture. Measure water into the glass with a jigger to find out if it holds the volume of liquor and wine you plan to combine. Chill the clean glass in ice or the refrigerator.

Add ice to a cocktail mixer until it is half-full. Measure and add the desired amounts of wine and hard liquor to the ice. Most wine cocktail recipes leave the specific details of each ingredient up to the person making the drink

Stir the ice and alcoholic liquids in the shaker gently with a metal cocktail spoon for five seconds. Stirring chills and combines the drink without rushing the ice, which might dilute the drink.

Strain the wine cocktail into the chilled glass so the ice stays in the shaker. Add a garnish directly to the liquid or to the rim of the serving glass if you want to enhance the drink experience.


Taste wines or hard liquors by themselves before attempting to blend them into a cocktail. Slight ratio alterations and minor additions to a set recipe can balance the flavor of the other ingredients you are using. A dash of bitters or simple syrup can quickly adjust the sweetness level in a drink.

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