When it comes to entertaining, few centerpieces suggest a festive time quite like a punch bowl full of alcoholic punch. Vodka is a strong alcoholic drink with a very distinct flavor, which is what makes it such a popular ingredient for alcoholic punch recipes. The right mixers added to the liquor make it easier to drink. If you do not want to mix vodka and punch in bulk, you can instead mix them in pint glasses for individual servings.

Things You'll Need

Individual Glasses

Fill a glass up to the rim with ice. Pour ½ oz. of your favorite fruit syrup, such as cranberry, pomegranate or apple.

Pour in 2 oz. of your favorite brand of vodka. You can use regular vodka or you can use flavored vodka, such as vanilla, cherry, orange, apricot or lime. Also add in 1 oz. of fruit juice and 1 oz. of ginger ale.

Place martini shaker upside down over the rim of the glass, so the rim of the shaker slides to about 1/3 of the way down the side of the glass. Keeping one hand at the base of the glass and the other on the bottom of the shaker, shake vigorously several times to combine your ingredients.

Punch Bowl

Chill all vodka and punch ingredients in the refrigerator before mixing in the punch bowl. To keep the punch cooler longer, fill the punch bowl with cubed ice or a large ice block before mixing the drink.

Pour in quantities of your favorite punch ingredients. For example, one large bottle of vodka, a 2-liter bottle of ginger ale or club soda and 1 gallon of your favorite fruit juices. You can also add in fresh chopped fruits, syrups or fruit-flavored sherbet.

Mix well with a plastic or wooden spoon to combine the ingredients. Serve with a punch ladle into individual glasses.