One characteristic of a good bartender is speed; when people want a drink, they usually want it by the time they finish ordering. Making cocktails for a large group of people can be a problem when making the drinks individually; the time that it takes to mix all the ingredients for each drink can really slow down your flow. Mixing vodka drinks for a large crowd requires planning and thinking big.

Things You'll Need

Increase the measurements for the drink by the number of people and the number of rounds. For example, if you are making two rounds of cosmopolitans for a crowd of twenty, then you would increase all the measurements by 40, including 40 times the vodka, 40 times the triple sec, and 40 times the cranberry juice.

Measure and pour the ingredients with the measuring cup into the large container, except for anything with carbonation which will be added to later so it doesn’t go flat. Stir between 10 and 20 times with the spoon. Fill the store and pours, which are quart- or gallon-sized lidded containers with attachable spouts, with the concoction, either by dipping them in and then wiping them off, or by ladling it into the containers. Seal the store and pours and refrigerate.

Remove the store and pours from the refrigerated area when you are ready to serve the drinks. Remove the lid and attach the spout. Pour the mixture into a shaker tin with ice, cover, and shake four or five times, and then pour the drinks into the glassware. If the drink requires soda or another ingredient, add that to the drink and serve.


  • Prepare glasses with salted or sugared rims ahead of time.