Make cocktail hour a treat with rum. Mastering a great mix drink with your favorite rum is sure to add to any party and make you a more discerning consumer at the bar. There are so many varieties of cocktails that you should narrow down your choices before buying your ingredients, including your rum. If you are unsure of varieties, look for recipes based on ingredients or a particular type of rum. There are many varieties so a favorite taste or brand is a good start.

Things You'll Need

Try mixing rum with soda, one of the simplest rum drinks. Rum and Coke is a classic (and can be substituted for rum and Diet Coke if you prefer). To mix, simply add a shot of any rum and top with Coke and ice cubes. For variety, try coconut flavored rum, an additional shot of alcohol or add a wedge of lime on the glass.

Choose rums to match your recipes. There are many varieties of rum including light versus dark rum and flavors or spiced rums. Rum is also different based where it was made. Experiment with varieties or take the recommendation of a recipe. See Resources for online recipe sites.

Assemble your ingredients. You should pick the proper glasses, arrange any garnish you may choose to use, have plenty of ice and chill your liquid ingredients, unless otherwise specified in your recipe.

Shake, stir or blend your drink. Temperature is important so make sure that you are using enough ice and chilled glasses, if required. A properly mixed drink should blend the rum throughout, so beware of too soft or brief mixing if you are stirring your ingredients. Adding ingredients at the proper time can make the difference between a fabulous cocktail and a flop.

Top it off. Add a straw or use a decorative glass. Fresh fruit garnishes can be a great addition. If you are mixing for a themed party you might consider premade glass decorations, like umbrellas.