By Zora Hughes

Dove brand chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter and milled using a secret process to give it an extra-smooth texture and shine. According to the Dove website, the company originated from a single ice cream bar created by candymaker Leo Stefanos in the 1950s. Today Dove, in addition to ice cream bars, makes other products including milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars. For a smooth chocolate dessert, melt Dove chocolate and use it to make chocolate desserts or for a chocolate fondue.

Use your melted Dove chocolate to make chocolate-covered strawberries.

Step 1

Fill a pot halfway with water and bring into a simmer.

Step 2

Break the Dove chocolate bar into small chunks and place in a glass bowl.

Step 3

Place the glass bowl over the pot of water so that it sits above the water.

Step 4

Occasionally stir the chocolate until fully melted.