Eyelashes are measured for different reasons. If you’re fitting your existing lashes with artificial ones, knowing how wide your eyelashes grow helps you find the right fit. Measuring eyelashes also helps keep track of how long they grow. The length of eyelashes varies from person to person and everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting longer or shorter eyelashes. A person who wears glasses may prefer shorter eyelashes to avoid them hitting the lenses. If you’re using an eyelash growth product, measuring your lashes helps determine if the product is working.

Things You'll Need

Measuring Eyelash Length

Brush your eyelashes with an eyelash brush to make one fall out. Lay the eyelash on a piece of adhesive tape and stick it down so it lays in a straight line.

Hold the end of a tape measure or ruler at one end of the lash and stretch it out to the other end.

Look at the number where the eyelash ends. This is how long your eyelash is. Depending on the type of tape measure or ruler you are using, the measurements may be in inches or millimeters.