Wedge shoes are a popular footwear choice for all seasons. This type of heel is most often on women’s sandals (simply called wedges, or espadrilles) and boots (called wedge boots), but can also be found on tennis shoes and even children’s shoes. Wedges are measured at the highest point, rounded to the nearest quarter inch. You won’t get an accurate measurement simply taking a tape measure to the side or back because the heels generally slant, which will make your number higher than it should be.

Things You'll Need

Place your wedge shoe on a flat surface in the corner of a room so both a side and the back are against a wall corner.

Position your tape measure against the wall, with one end on the floor next to the back sole of your shoe. Run it up against the wall until it reaches the seam where the wedge meets the footbed. The wall gives you an even, vertical plane to get a more accurate measurement.

Mark the height and round to the nearest quarter inch. Even if your shoes have a platform, this does not change the wedge height. However, if you want to know for comfort sake, subtract the platform height from the wedge height and that’s the number of inches your heel will be above your toes.

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