Strapless dresses come in many lengths, colors and styles, but all of them have one thing in common: a lack of material above the bust area. Unlike most other dress styles, strapless dresses hang around the bust, creating a sexy, yet chic, look. When measuring for any dress, you must take several measurements; however, when measuring for a strapless dress, you can omit measurements for sleeves and shoulders. Get someone else to take your measurements for you, as measuring yourself is difficult, and may result in inaccurate calculations.

Things You'll Need

Put on the undergarments that you plan on wearing when you wear your dress.

Measure the area around your bust by having someone wrap the measuring tape all the way around your bust area. This is the fullest point around your breasts. Keep your arms at your sides, as putting your arms up will actually cause your breasts to move forward, which will result in a measurement that’s too large. Stretch the measuring tape fairly tight, but allow enough room to slip one finger beneath the tape. Write down this, and all subsequent measurements, on a sheet of paper.

Measure the area around your upper bust, following the same protocol that you used to obtain the measurement for your full bust. This area is parallel with the tops of your armpits, and should be the highest point that the strapless dress will reach.

Measure the area around your waist. This is the point that sits just above your belly button.

Measure the area around your hips at their fullest point. This should be around the pelvic bone in front, and the largest part of your backside in the rear.

Measure the length for your dress by beginning at your upper bust, and measuring down to the point where your dress will end (this point will vary depending on how long you want your dress to be).

Submit your measurements to a tailor, or to the store from which you plan on purchasing your dress. Try the dress on, if possible, before you purchase it.


  • Give yourself as much time as possible before you need to pick up your dress, in order to account for alterations.