Though once only used for casual events such as picnics and tea parties, the tea length dress is making a formal comeback. Now suitable for weddings, dances and other formal parties, a tea length dress is a great option if you’d like to show a bit of your leg. Traditionally hemmed two inches above the ankle, modern tea length dresses can fall anywhere from just below the calf to just below your knee. To get the best fit when you’re wearing a tea length dress, measure your desired length and your waistline.

Things You'll Need

Use non-stretch tape to measure from your waist to the desired tea length. Measure from your waist to 2 inches above your ankle or mid-calf for a traditional length. For a more daring length, measure just a few inches below your knee.

Measure your waist to ensure a good fit for your tea-length dress. You run the risk of losing the desired tea length if you don’t properly measure your waist for the dress. Wrap the non-stretch measuring tape around your waist, just above the top of your belly button.

Compare your measurements to the desired manufacturer’s size chart. Sizes will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.