The clavicle, also known as the collar bone, can become fatigued or sore from strenuous activities such as lifting or pushing. A clavicle massage can help ease the pain or just provide stress-relief. Read on to learn how to massage a clavicle.

Have your recipient lie down on his or her back. If you are both comfortable with it, your recipient should remove his or her shirt. You can cover the chest area with a towel.

Place your thumbs into the hollows of the clavicle, one on each side. Lean in gently to press and loosen these areas. Start closer to the shoulders, and slide in toward the neck.

Press your thumbs on the outside of each side of the clavicle, with your fingers turned outward and resting on the shoulders. Squeeze the area, sliding the thumbs downward as you do so.

Press your thumbs into each shoulder, just at the point where the shoulder becomes the arm. Knead the area for a minute or two.

Close your hands into loose fists. Place your hands at the edge of the clavicle, with your knuckles facing the massage recipients chest (your fingers should be tucked under and pointing towards you). Press and slide your fists down toward the chest area. Repeat several times.


  • You can use a bit of massage or baby oil if desired. A drop or two will be sufficient.