The twist is a popular, trendy hairstyle that many are gravitating towards. It is a natural look, and if maintained properly will last for a long time. Sometimes people are looking for an easy way to style their hair without the use of harsh chemicals. The twist gives your hair a break from the hassle of regular styling, with a minimal amount of maintenance. The pace at which your hair will grow while it is twisted depends on various factors, for example, the health of your hair.

Wash your hair with residue-free soap to make your twist grow faster. Residues are normally left on your scalp or in your hair after using hair products such as shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers. When residue-free soap is used to wash your twist, it removes residue from the hair follicles, which increases hair growth.

Take adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to make your twist grow faster. Taking the right vitamins and minerals play an important role in faster hair growth. Include vitamins such as amino acids and B-vitamins, and eat a well balanced diet.

Massage your scalp regularly to stimulate your hair follicles. Scalp massage opens up the blood vessels, which increases blood flow and boosts circulation. Give yourself a weekly massage at home or get it done professionally. Using your fingertips, massage your scalp in a circular motion, starting from the hairline above your forehead, then work your way to the base of the skull. Continue massaging your scalp until you have covered all the areas.