Whether you are making pork roast, pulled pork or barbecue pork ribs, proper seasoning is one of the keys to making the meat tender and flavorful. Creating a dry rub, which is a mixture of seasonings liberally applied to meat before cooking, can do just that. A sweet, spicy or mild rub should be applied all over the pork several hours before cooking to infuse the pork with flavor. No two dry rubs are alike, so use the following ingredients as guidelines and adjust to your particular taste.

Things You'll Need

Combine in a large mixing bowl or baking dish all the ingredients for either the basic, spicy or sweet dry rubs. Mix thoroughly with fork.

Rinse and leave moist your selected cut of pork.

Liberally rub the dry mixture over the entire piece of pork. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit, as if marinating, for a couple of hours before cooking.


  • Remember to feel free to experiment with the seasonings and the amounts to create your own ideal pork rub.

  • If you are roasting, say, a loin or tenderloin, searing the dry-rubbed pork on all sides before finishing it in the oven will help it stay juicy.