Race day hats are a tradition, from the Kentucky Derby in the USA to the Melbourne Cup in Australia. Women don their finest hats to celebrate race day. Race day hats are usually designed to compliment the complete outfit by matching color and fabrics. Traditional race day colors and floral arrangements, such as the red rose of the Kentucky Derby, may be part of the race day hat. Feathers, ribbons, flowers and buttons may also adorn race day hats.

Things You'll Need

Select a plain hat in a color that compliments your race day outfit. Choose a wide-brim hat to decorate with big feathers or flowers to protect your face, neck and shoulders from the sun. Measure your head using a measuring tape and select a hat that fits snugly.

Select large feathers and silk flowers in colors that compliment the plain hat from a craft store. Choose a wide satin ribbon about 30 inches long.

Wrap the ribbon around the hat and tie a large loose bow in the back or on the left side of the hat. Hot glue the ribbon in place by placing a drop of melted glue between the hat and the ribbon every three to four inches around the hat.

Arrange flowers or feathers by inserting them behind the ribbon. Hot glue the feathers in place once you decide on the arrangement. Place large feathers behind the ribbon so that they flow upward and toward the back of the hat.

Glue the silk flowers to the hat by placing a drop of hot glue on the back of a flower and attaching the flower to the hat. Glue flowers with stems behind the ribbon. Remove plastic stems to glue flowers directly to the ribbon.


  • Glue the largest decorations on first, followed by the smaller pieces.