Crafting your own perfume at home allows you to develop a fragrance that is completely unique and “specifically you.” This simple process begins with identifying what scents inspire you, and which scents turn you off. Home-fashioned perfume is a thoughtful and creative gift. You’ll know that no one will be wearing the same perfume as you, unless you’ve given someone a vial as a gift!

Things You'll Need

Identify a fragrance family that you want to use in your signature scent. Choose essential oils from the same family, such as citrus or wood — or any scents that blend well together, instead of competing.

Pick a high-note scent, a medium-note scent and a low-note scent. The high-note scent will have the largest concentration of essential oil; the medium-note will have the second-highest; and the low-note scent will have the least oil concentration.

Choose a carrier oil to blend the essential oils with. This can range from grain alcohol (such as vodka), or an oil (such as jojoba).

Mix three drops of your high-note essential oil with two drops of your medium-note essential oil and one drop of the low-note essential oil in a vial.

Add one ounce of the carrier oil to the essential oil combination. Cover with an air-tight cap.

Keep the bottled perfume blend for two weeks out of direct sunlight so that the fragrances have time to combine.

The perfume is now ready to go!


  • To make larger batches of perfume, increase the carrier oil and maintain the 3:2:1 ratio of high-middle-low essential oils.

  • If you would like the perfume to have a stronger concentration of the top note, adjust the ratio of drops of essential oils to 4:2:1.