Monoi oil is a natural product composed of gardenia flower petals and coconut oil that was originally made by the Polynesians. It can be used as a moisturizer, a bath oil, a massage oil, and even a perfume. Although authentic Monoi oil is made in Tahiti, you can make your own version at home by submerging gardenia petals in coconut oil, which extracts terpenic alcohol and esters from the petals.

Things You'll Need

Pick or buy enough gardenia flowers to fill at least one of your mason jars.

Pick the petals off the gardenia flowers and wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt, insects or insecticides. Lay the petals to dry on the paper towel

Place your gardenia flower petals in the sterilized mason jar. Fill the jar to the top. Be sure not to pack the petals down.

Fill the jar to the top with coconut oil, place the lid on the jar and close it tightly. Shake the mason jar to evenly distribute the oil and gardenia petals.

Set the jar on a windowsill that gets at least four hours of sunlight a day. Leave the jar there for a month. Be sure shake it every day.

Strain the petals from the mason jar once the month is up. You’ll want to strain the oil at least twice to ensure all of the petal particles have been removed.

Pour the strained oil, which is the finished product, into another sterilized mason jar and store the jar in a dark place till you want to use it.

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