Looking for a less expensive way to get premium shampoo? Try buying an unscented shampoo base and adding the fragrance yourself. You can customize the shampoo to your own fragrance preferences and hair care needs or make some as gifts for friends and family. It’s super simple and fun to do.

Things You'll Need

You will need a clean and clutter free workspace to make your liquid shampoo. A kitchen counter or table works perfectly.

Have all your ingredients and equipment laid out and ready to go.

Pour out 8 oz of the liquid shampoo base into your mixing bowl. Add your fragrance oil and salt/water mixture to the shampoo base and mix thoroughly.

Now add your water and continue to mix until all the ingredients are blended.

Once your mixture is ready, place the funnel in the open mouth of the shampoo bottle and slowly pour the shampoo until the shampoo level is just at the bottom of the bottle’s neck.

Screw the cap on tightly and your liquid shampoo is ready to use. If making more than one bottle at a time, store the others in a cool, dry place until ready to use.


  • You can use essential oils in your liquid shampoo to promote healthy hair and scalp. The ratio of essential oil to shampoo should be one tenth of a percent.