Many diabetics struggle with dry skin, especially on their feet. Often times, they lose feeling in their lower extremities. By using a few common household ingredients, you can create your own skin softening foot lotion. This recipe is great for use on diabetics. The solution makes the feet soft and smooth. It removes hard calluses and leaves your feet feeling soft as a baby’s behind.

Things You'll Need

Combine equal parts of petroleum jelly and mineral oil in an empty plastic container.

Use a spoon or electric mixer to blend the two ingredients until it exhibits a smooth consistency.

Add a couple drops of your preferred fragrance oil if desired. You can experiments with different essences and fruits, as well.

Apply mixed product to clean dry feet.

Put on a clean pair of socks until your feet have sufficiently absorbed the lotion, or leave them on overnight to really work off the calluses. You will arise with soft and suptle skin. The effects should last for several days, but you can repeat as often as desired.


  • As the lotion sits, the oil will separate somewhat from the petroleum jelly. Shake your container sufficiently before application.

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