The Keurig single-cup brewing machine allows you to brew one cup of coffee at a time. Unlike the common multi-cup coffee pot, the Keurig machine requires single mini coffee pods that come filled with a single serving size of items such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The single coffee pods can become quite expensive if you drink multiple cups of coffee a day and need to keep purchasing new pods. Make your own pods to make your coffee even more economical.

Things You'll Need

Turn a 3 oz. paper cup upside down on a flat surface. The paper cup should have a wax layer over it to allow the hot water to pass through without leaking.

Cut a small hole into the bottom of the cup, toward the center, using the tip of a knife. The hole should be slightly larger than a thumbtack hole. You can also use a prong from a fork if you prefer. Make sure the hole punctures all the way through the cup and will allow water to flow out of the cup.

Turn the cup over and place a coffee filter inside of the cup. The filter will be too big for the cup, but smooth it out as best as you can against the bottom of the cup.

Cut the filter down to size, using scissors, until it is even with the top of the cup.

Fill the cup about halfway with the coffee grinds of your choice.

Place a small square of aluminum foil over the cup and wrap it over the edges of the cup, ensuring that it has a tight seal.


  • You can also reuse a K-cup by peeling the foil off of the top and disposing of the coffee grinds. Wash the cup out and refill it with the coffee grinds of your choice and cover it with aluminum foil.

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