With contouring, strategically shading and highlighting, you can create the illusion of a slimmer nose. Makeup tricks can make your bridge appear narrower and your nostrils look smaller for a more defined shape overall. Clever contouring relies on how the eye responds to light and color — shaded areas of the face tend to recede, or look smaller, while highlighted areas are enhanced. Blend well for a natural look.

Things You'll Need

Apply foundation in a shade that matches your skin tone over any uneven skin around your nose. Blend well to create a smooth, even canvas where you can apply your contouring shades.

Smooth a half-inch stripe of foundation or powder in a color two to three shades darker than your skin tone down both sides of your nose, from the inside corners of your eyes to your nostrils. Use a clean finger or a small foundation brush. Alternatively, smooth a stripe of brow gel pencil in the same shade on either side of your nose.

Tap a dot of darker foundation or rub your brow pencil on the end of your nose, just below the tip. Shading the end of your nose will make it appear slightly shorter.

Rub the dense, flat-top brush in a buffing, circular motion on the darker shade to blend it with the natural color of your skin. Smudge any visible line between your skin tone and the contouring shade.

Pat a highlighting cream or a foundation that’s two to three shades lighter than your skin in a slim stripe down the bridge of your nose. Use your fingers or a small foundation brush. With another clean brush, lightly blend the highlighting shade using an up-and-down motion.