When your lips are dry or chapped, your first instinct may be to lick them. While it seems logical that dry lips need moisture, the salt in saliva actually dries them out more. This leads to inflamed dry and cracked lips — certainly not the beauty statement you want to make. Fortunately, keeping your lips soft, smooth, and supple is simple with natural beauty remedies.

Things You'll Need

Exfoliation Method 1

Add 1 cup brown sugar to 1 cup olive oil. Mix well with a spoon.

Dip your finger into the mixture and rub it onto your lips in soft circular motions.

Rinse with lukewarm water without rubbing. Pat dry with a towel.

Apply the exfoliating mixture each night before bed.

Keep the extra liquid in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.

Exfoliation Method 2

Place a teaspoon of honey into the microwave for 7 seconds.

Remove the honey from the microwave. Be careful, as it may be hot. Allow it to cool for 30 seconds.

Dip your finger into the honey and rub it onto your lips. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and rub in circular motions.

Rinse with water. Rub gently to remove any excess honey. Blot your lips with a soft cloth to remove excess water.

Exfoliate your lips each night before bed.

Natural Cream

Place 1/2 cup milk in a saucepan. Place the pan on the stove over high heat until the milk boils.

Remove the saucepan from the heat. Allow the milk to set for 10 minutes or until a thick film develops on top.

Spoon the film off the top of the saucepan and place it into a small airtight container. Dip your finger into the cream and rub it on your lips. Allow the cream to sit on your lips for 10 minutes.

Rinse with lukewarm water. Do not rub the mixture off. Pat your lips dry with a soft towel.

Apply the cream once every week or more often for soft, supple lips.