You’re 30 minutes away from a big meeting, fun luncheon or first date and all you can see is puffy eyes and dark circles when you look in the mirror. Instead of feeling insecure, make your eyes more beautiful with fail-safe techniques. Puffy eyes and dark circles are caused by lack of sleep, stress, vascular issues, fluid retention and allergies. Yes, you can get more sleep, drink more water, and control allergenic symptoms with medication, but you can also utilize at-home remedies and drug store products to maximize results and get more beautiful eyes.

Prevent inflammation, swelling and dark circles by placing tea bags and cucumbers on your eyes. Both of these edible products contain active ingredients that combat dark, swollen under-eyes.

Apply a gel-filled eye pack to the bags under your eyes for 10 minutes. You could also wrap an ice cube in paper towels and apply it under the eye for 5 minutes. Any form of a cold compression will reduce the swelling around your eye, therefore eliminating any eye puffiness. After applying the cold compress, tap the surface of dark area or bag around your eye to stimulate dispersal of the fluid.

Double stack your pillows at bedtime. Blood can build-up under the eyes and cause dark circles when one sleeps lying flat.

Use a concealer for a quick fix. Yellow concealer will neutralize the blues and purples in dark circles.