Everyone wants a tasty treat that won’t pack on those pesky pounds. Unfortunately, most of the treats at the supermarket that claim to be low in fat are loaded with carbohydrates. For a sweet but crunchy treat that won’t tip the scale, wow the family with the ultimate low-calorie, white yogurt pretzel.

Things You'll Need

DIY White Yogurt Pretzel Recipe

Preheat the oven to 250° F.

Make the yogurt frosting. Pour 2 cups of vanilla yogurt into the mixing bowl. Add the confectioners sugar to the yogurt one cup at a time, while blending on a low speed setting for approximately four minutes.

Dip each pretzel into the yogurt frosting, using tongs, and place onto wire cooling rack. Place a cookie sheet under the wire cooling rack to catch frosting dripping from the pretzels.

Turn the oven off and place the wire cooling rack and cookie sheet inside. Place the cooling rack on the top oven shelf, and the cookie sheet on the bottom oven shelf, leaving the oven door open partially. Allowing the heat to escape from the oven will properly harden the frosting, eliminating the chance of a mushy pretzel.

Leave the pretzels in the oven for three to four hours until the frosting has hardened.

Remove the pretzels from the oven. Let them cool for at least 10 minutes before consuming.


  • The recipe provided will make three to four dozen pretzels.

  • Yogurt contains healthy pro-biotic bacteria that can ward off harmful organisms that invade the gut.

  • All ingredients can be purchased at your local supermarket.

  • To make the pretzels more festive, add colorful sprinkles.

  • Store the pretzels in a plastic container to keep fresh. Eat within three days.