How to Make Whipping Cream With Milk

By Jack Pudwell

Although purchasing ready made canned goods is a convenient way to obtain everyday condiments like whipping cream, nothing quite beats the fresh, homemade taste of making it yourself. Making whipping cream from scratch may seem daunting, but in reality all you need is a handful of key ingredients combined with some fervent, heavy mixing.


Step 1

Acquire and arrange the listed ingredients. Add the cold water to your bowl and break up and sprinkle the gelatin over it. Let this stand until the gelatin absorbs all of the water.

Step 2

Scald the milk by heating it in a medium-sized saucepan. The milk should begin to froth, and bubbles will begin to form around the edge of the pan. Be sure to stir so the milk does not scorch. Promptly remove this from the heat and add it to the gelatin and water mixture, whisking the gelatin until it mixes in with the milk and dissolves. Stir in the sugar and vanilla extract.

Step 3

Place the current mixture into a refrigerator, but stirring it every ten minutes until the mixture becomes suitably chilled. Do this for 90 minutes and place the mixture into a large bowl of ice water for 30 minutes, letting it stand, but whisking often. Using your electrionic mixer set at its highest speed, beat your mixture until it reaches a thick and fluffy consistency. Refrigerate your mixture until needed for use once it reaches the desired consistency.