While you can make the most of the hair texture you were born with, you may still want to change your hairstyle from time to time to keep your look fresh. If you have wavy hair, one of the options you may have considered is to wear your hair straight. To get a straight and shiny hairstyle, you don’t have to go to the salon for a procedure involving potent chemicals. You don’t have to struggle with a blow dryer and a paddle brush either, as curly-haired women used to do. Before experimenting with other methods, save yourself time and energy by trying a flat iron.

Things You'll Need

Select the size of flat iron appropriate for the length of your hair. Short hair is best suited to a 1-inch or 1/2-inch flat iron. Those with shoulder-length or slightly longer hair can use a mid-size flat iron, which is a little bigger. Large flat irons, which have a paddle-like appearance, can be used to more effortlessly and effectively straighten very long and thick hair.

Turn on your flat iron and allow it to heat up. Comb your hair to get rid of any tangles and snarls that will keep your hairstyle from looking smooth and shiny. Spray a thermal heat protectant all over your hair, making sure you get product on the ends, as they need extra protection from splitting and breaking.

Gather your hair with professional hair clips like those used by hairdressers, leaving only the section that you are currently straightening. Start with the hair at the nape of your neck, moving your way upward. Make sure each section is fine and no wider than your flat iron for the most efficient straightening job.

Clamp the flat iron down close to the root and slide it in one fluid motion toward the end of the section of hair. Repeat two or three times on the lock of hair to completely eliminate any trace of a wave. When you are finished with a section, you can leave it down instead of clipping it away with the rest of your hair. Style hair as desired.


  • If you’ve never purchased professional hair clips, you can find them at beauty supply stores, which also usually have a wide selection of flat irons and other hairstyling tools.
    You may mist a glossifier all over for an extra shiny effect, if you desire.