Creating waves in your hair can make heads turn, not just on the beach, but all year round. This sexy, polished look can be achieved for almost any hair type. Forget the sun, sea and sand; bring it to you with this fun style that’s as easy to create as a day at the beach.

Things You'll Need

Shampoo and condition your hair as usual, and then towel dry well before bed. If your hair is curly or coarse, towel dry enough so that your hair is dry by morning and comb a relaxing balm through your locks to tame frizz. For fine to medium texture hair, apply conditioning mousse with hold throughout your entire head. Scrunch your hair with your hands by grabbing handfuls and applying quick pressure throughout. Then simply sleep on it.

Take 10 to 15 minutes to refine this look the following morning, with a curling iron. Heat the curling iron, and then begin to curl sections from the nape of your neck. Twist a section of hair and then wrap it in the curling iron. Curl the bottom-half sections of your hair from the mid-shaft or middle of the twist to the ends, and then when you reach your crown begin curling the sections from root to tip.

Let your hair cool for a few moments. Using your fingers, finger style your hair with a non-greasy, lightweight shine serum to soften your waves.

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