Whether its sandal or snow season, good looking toenails are the finishing touch to your look. Toenails should be clean, trimmed, moisturized and healthy-looking, so you can put your best foot forward. In order to keep your toenails looking their best, you need to develop good grooming habits and pedicure techniques.

Things You'll Need

Lay the paper towel flat on your work area. You will begin your pedicure with basic nail care.

Press the tip of the orange stick flat against your big toenail. Gently push toward your cuticle, easing the cuticle skin back. Stop when the skin yields against the stick. Do not force or scrap the cuticle.

Push the cuticle back on each of your toenails. This will reveal the fresh new growth of your toenails and prepare the nail for polish.

Trim your nails by sliding the clipper blade over your nail; then press to cut. Slide across your nail and clip again. Do not force the blade down under your nail. Instead, just slide the blade along the tip of your toe, trimming as you go.

Cut straight across each of your nails. Avoid curving or rounding your nail as this can lead to ingrown toenails. Keep the nails straight and short.

Collect the nail trimmings by bundling them into the paper towel. Discard.

Massage moisturizer into your feet and toes. Pay special attention to the cuticle area, heels and balls of the feet. Allow the moisturizer to penetrate the nails and skin for about five minutes.

Paint your toenails with a clear or colored polish. Match the polish to your outfit or select a subtle pastel or clear coat for a clean look. Use even, steady strokes to cover each nail and follow with a second coat to achieve a streak-free finish.

Add a toe ring with rhinestones or sparkly glass beads. A toe ring is an attractive touch that makes toes look finished.

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