The key to making the best Jell-O shots ever is to start simple. Combine your favorite gelatin flavor with the liquor of your choice. From there, you can add fruit slices, whip cream or anything you think might complement or add zip to the taste. Also, instead of mixing the dry gelatin with water, you can use fruit juice. For example, cranberry juice, raspberry gelatin, lime juice, vodka and an orange garnish work well together to create a kind of Cosmopolitan gelatin shot.

Things You'll Need

Bring water or fruit juice to a boil.

Mix the gelatin powder and the boiling water in a large bowl. Stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

Combine the cold water or fruit juice with the mixture and stir well. Wait about five minutes for the mixture to cool.

Add the liquor and stir well. Allow an additional 10 minutes to cool.

Pour the mixture into 15 individual shot cups, leaving room for any garnish or feature you will be adding.

Chill cups in the refrigerator for about four hours until the gelatin is firm. Add garnish and serve.


  • Use a flavored alcohol to add even more flavor to your gelatin shots.