If you are having friends or family over, try a homemade coleslaw dressing to make some great food. It will make six servings, which is the perfect amount when you are cooking for a few guests. The recipe is simple and effortless to make. Not only that, but it is also really easy to do. You do not have to be a gourmet chef to make this recipe. All you need to do is buy the ingredients and follow the instructions that are listed below.

Things You'll Need

Use a saucepan to whisk the sugar, mustard, paprika, salt and four egg yolks. The saucepan should be a heavy one. You need to whisk all of these ingredients in the saucepan until they are nice and smooth.

Once the mixture is smooth, you will need to add the vinegar and water. In order to this, gradually begin whisking them into the mix. Make sure to do it gradually and not all at once. Otherwise, your coleslaw will not turn out as good.

Cook the coleslaw dressing on medium heat. Stir it occasionally so no lumps form.

Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the mixture. It should read 160 degrees F when it is finished. Ensure that it reaches this temperature before removing it from the heat. Otherwise, it will not thicken up the way it is supposed to.

Remove the coleslaw mixture from the heat once the mixture has reached 160 degrees F. Then let it cool down. It should cool to room temperature before you add it to the rest of your coleslaw.

Add the cups of red and green cabbage to a serving bowl. After this, add your newly made coleslaw dressing to the top of it. Toss it to coat the coleslaw and then refrigerate it until you are ready to serve your guests.

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