If you’re like us, you immediately turn to the back of the menu at a Thai restaurant and see if they offer mango and sticky rice. This is an extremely yummy, tasty treat. The Thai call it Khao Neeo Moon.Like the Thai, the Filipinos also serve a very similar traditional dessert or snack dish with sweet sticky rice.Khao Neeo Moon is made in two sections — first you make the rice, then you use the sticky rice to make the coconut-y dessert.Please note: You can only use sweet glutinous rice.

Things You'll Need

How to Make Thai Sticky Rice

Make the sticky rice: Rinse the uncooked rice two or three times, until water runs clear.

Put rinsed rice in a bowl and add cool water that rises two to three inches above the top of the rice.

Let the rice stand in water for six to eight hours.

Drain rice, place it in a cheesecloth, wrap it up and put the cheesecloth inside a bamboo steamer.

Add six to eight cups of water into the sticky rice steamer and bring to a boil.

Place bamboo steamer on top of double boiler. Do not let the bottom of the bamboo steamer make contact with the boiling water.

Cover the steamer with a lid. Steam rice for 45 minutes (or until tender).

How to Make the Sweet Thai Sticky Rice Dessert

Put aside the sticky rice you made in Section 1.

Stirring, dissolve salt and sugar in coconut milk. Stir to prevent lumps.

Allow coconut milk to boil and remove from heat and set 3/4 cup aside.

Put cooked sticky rice in a container (that has a tight lid). Pour in remaining coconut milk.

Stir vigorously, and cover. Set aside to allow coconut milk to mingle with the rice thoroughly.

Serve; top with the (warmed) coconut milk mixture that was set aside.


  • This is fantastic with fresh mango. Amazing dessert. It can also be served with Durian (although it’s strong scent is often off-putting).

  • The Thai make this sticky rice with bananas and coconut milk and call it kao neaw kluay.