Getting a tattoo requires more than choosing the design and sitting through the pain of the machine. A tattoo also requires upkeep and maintenance to keep it from getting infected or faded. Proper tattoo care begins at home, so using the right cleanser is important. Making your own tattoo soap that is gentle and safe for new ink serves as an easy and cost-effective way to take care of new tattoos all over your body.

Things You'll Need

Add the goat milk MP soap base and cocoa butter to the glass bowl. These products, both beneficial and hypoallergenic, can be found in craft and hobby shops.

Microwave the bowl on high for two to three minutes. This melts the soap base into a thin liquid while melting the butter into it.

Stir the aloe vera gel into the bowl of liquid soap.

Pour the soap into the mold.

Freeze the soap for an hour. It will harden into a gentle and safe bar that cleanses your new tattoos without stripping them of color or damaging your skin in that area.

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