The tread of iced coffee has become a booming business. It used to be that only dunkin donuts sold iced coffee, but now it’s become available at almost every fast food restaurant. McDonald’s launched a huge campaign for the MCcafe line about two years ago. If you noticed there MCcafe line hasn’t gone anywhere! That because there iced coffee is killer! I will show you how to make a excellent iced coffee, better than the restaurants, and save you money!

Things You'll Need

The first thing you need to make this superb iced coffee is a pitcher. They sell the pitchers at Walmart for a few bucks. You will also need coffee ( I prefer Maxwell House), sugar, and powdered creamer.

Make the appropriate amount of coffee depending on what your pitcher can hold. Remember the sugar, and powdered creamer will dissolve.

In your pitcher put 1/2 of a cup of sugar, and 1/2 cup of powdered creamer. (Based on a one gallon pitcher).

Now add the hot coffee.

Mix all of the ingredients until fully dissolved.

Refrigerate until cold to touch.

Once cold pour your iced coffee in a glass over ice cubes.

This superb iced coffee will stay good for about 3 days. After three days repeat all the steps above to enjoy all over again!


  • If the there is too much, or too little sugar for your liking try different amounts!