Are you are looking for a simple and quick fix for your hair? Headbands are timeless style staples that are perfect for a variety of occasions. You can wear them to the gym to keep bangs and sweat out of your face, or you can dress them up with your hairstyle for work, parties, or going out.

When you add them as a fashion accessory, no matter how you choose to wear these headbands, you’ll find that they update your look and creating a little extra intrigue to your outfit. And, if you like stretch headbands, you do not even have to buy them.

If you can tie some stretchy fabric together, then you can make headbands that can complement any outfit.

Things You'll Need

Determine how wide you want your stretchy headband to be. Choose a fabric for your headband and lay it on a flat surface.

Mark the width of the headband directly onto the fabric with your fabric marker. Consider the length you want your headband to be after measuring your head with a tape measure. Measure the area where you’ll headband will be and use that to create the piece.

Be sure to add some extra length, so you can tie the fabric around your head at the base of your neck.

Cut the headband out of your fabric. Tie it onto your head so it fits snugly and comfortably. Tie the loose ends at the base of your skull. Leave it as it is, if you are satisfied with the look, or try the next few steps for an entirely different look.

Cut the excess fabric at the base where the fabric ends and leave it as it is. Untie the fabric and sew the ends together if you want, instead of leaving it tied. Stitch the knot together to keep it from coming untied.

Try another variation by cutting your fabric extra wide. Tuck the raw ends under and fold your stretchy band like you would fold a bath towel. Tie it at the base after you get it to fit snugly and comfortably. Sew it together or repeat any of the variations listed in Step 4.

Use a sewing machine to clean up the raw edges. Be sure to set your machine up properly for stretchy material.

If the pattern of your fabric headband isn’t too busy, consider adding embroidery or other details to your headband. These creative embellishments will make your headband unique and make it look more expensive and stylish.


  • Ribbon, buttons, sequins and other details can be found at your local fabric shop. Look around for inspiration and be sure to carry a swatch of your fabric!

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