Strawberry nectar is an unusual, easy and versatile way to use an overabundance of ripe, sweet strawberries. Unlike juice, which is made only from the liquid squeezed from the fruit, nectar consists of a smoothly pureed mixture of fruit pulp, sugar and water. You’ll need nothing more than these ingredients and a blender to make homemade strawberry nectar. Use the ripest strawberries you can find to avoid having to add large amounts of sugar to sweeten the beverage.

Things You'll Need

Pull off and discard the leaves of each strawberry. Prepare approximately six to eight strawberries for every 8-ounce glass of strawberry nectar you plan to make.

Use a paring knife to cut out the stem and core of each strawberry. Discard. Wash the strawberries in a colander under running water. Dry gently with paper towels or dish cloths.

Put the strawberries into the blender. Add plain or sparkling water, using 1/3 cup for every serving of nectar you’re making. Put in a pinch of sugar.

Secure the blender’s lid in place and puree the mixture on high until smooth. Turn off the blender and taste the nectar. Puree in additional sugar, in small amounts, until the nectar reaches your desired sweetness.

Serve on ice or chill for later use.


  • Swap strawberry nectar for the juice called for in your favorite cocktail, or create your own concoction with gin, vodka or light rum.

  • Freeze the nectar in ice pop molds for homemade popsicles.

  • If you don’t have any fresh strawberries on hand, make the nectar with thawed frozen strawberries.