Everyone loves brownies. We love the fudge ones, the gooey molten chocolate ones, the kind with chunks or nuts and even the kind with fruit or peanut butter. Brownies are fun to eat wherever you are and are so simple to make. Whether you like to make yours from scratch or just pour the ingredients Betty Crocker gave you brownies are delicious all the same. Make your brownies even more fun to eat by adding your own “special” ingredients. A fun way to make brownies exciting is by adding your own herbs into the batter. Use this recipe to take your brownie experience to an all new high.

Things You'll Need

This first recipe will be for using a bag/boxed brownie mix.
Select whichever kind of brownie mix you like, double chocolate or fudge will offer the strongest flavors to hide the herby taste. If you plan to make muffins or cupcakes with this recipe instead of brownies you should stick with chocolate flavors.

Look at the ingredients needed on the box of brownie mix. Take the amount of oil needed and pour into a saucepan. Heat to medium-high and pour in the amount of herb you prefer. If you add too much the brownies will have an overpowering flavor, so experiment and experiment often.

Let the herb and oil mixture cook for 25-30 minutes. This will bring all of the “special” goodness out of the herb and into the oil. Stir occasionally.

Using a slotted spoon or sieve strain the herb from the oil and discard. The herb qualities are barely present in the herbs, it is all in the oil. You can keep the herb to use for other purposes, but they will not be as strong as before cooking.

Follow remaining instructions on the box. Add the herb-oil in as you would with standard oil. You will not need to bake the special brownies at a different temperature or for a different time. Bake, eat and bake (enjoy).

If you want to make your special brownies from scratch follow your favorite brownie recipe and do the same as above with the oil. If your recipe does not call for oil, use whatever liquid is needed for that particular brownie recipe. Simmering the herb in butter or oil will both have the same effect.