How to make spanish rice and beans

By LeafTV Editor

Rice and beans are a delicious staple in spanish countries. Make this flavorful dish at home with these easy steps.

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How To Make Spanish Rice And Beans

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Add one cup of rice and two cups of water to a rice cooker. Let rice cook until fluffy.

For the beans. Open the can and place beans in a strainer. Add water to remove the residue and place freshly washed beans into a saucepan. Add one can of tomato sauce (any brand) and fill that same can with water. Add the water.

Add one heaping tablespoon of Goya recaito. If you have homemade recaito, that works too. Open one packet of Sazon Goya and add that. Stir the beans. I also add a dash of Goyo Adobo for a little extra flavor.

Let the beans cook covered for 25 minutes. When the sauce has thickened and the beans are soft, it's done! Enjoy!


  • You can add potatoes and/or olive to your beans if you like

  • Any type of bean such as red or white works with this recipe