Soy milk is a tasty, healthy alternative to cow’s milk. Soy milk can be used like cow’s milk as a drink, in smoothies or on cereal.

Things You'll Need

Prepare the Soybeans

Clean 1/2 cup whole soybeans under running water. Remove debris or damaged soybeans.

Soak the soybeans overnight in a bowl or other container in enough water to cover them.

Drain and rinse the soybeans in a colander.

Make the Soy Milk

Grind the soybeans in a blender with just enough water to cover them until it makes a slurry.

Pour the slurry into a pot on the stove and add one quart of water.

Bring the slurry to a boil, stirring constantly.

Turn it down to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Keep stirring.

Filter the slurry through a cheesecloth or linen towel, saving the liquid in a bowl. This is the soy milk. You can discard the ground up soybeans.

Drink up. The soy milk should be stored in the refrigerator.


  • Add 1 or 2 tbsp. sugar, honey or maple syrup to the soy milk if you”d like. A dash of vanilla extract is nice too.

  • You can add a little salt as well, around 1/2 tsp.

  • The soy milk will last in the refrigerator up to three days.

  • You can make soy milk smoothies by blending it with some fresh fruit like bananas or frozen berries.