With gooey marshmallows, luscious chocolate and crispy graham crackers, s’mores would taste delicious with the ingredients simply stirred together in a bowl. But part of the fun of this campfire treat, which Lynne Olver — editor of Foodtimeline.org — credits the Girl Scouts with popularizing in the United Sates in the 1920s, is assembling the ingredients. Cook the classic Girl Scout version or expand your horizons with gourmet s’mores. Either way, your family and friends will clamor for … s’more.

The Traditional S’more

A classic s’more resembles a sandwich made with enough chocolate broken off from 1 chocolate bar to cover the bottom half of 1 graham cracker, 1 roasted marshmallow placed on top of the chocolate and the other half of the graham cracker finishing off the assembly. Choose graham crackers that break easily in the center so the two halves are of equal size, and opt for either milk chocolate or dark chocolate, as you like.

Cooking Outdoors

Cooking s’mores is much the same over a grill or a campfire. Begin by placing the bottom graham cracker with chocolate on the cooler, outer portion of the grill or on a rock next to the fire — indirect heat will cause the chocolate to become slightly soft. Fasten the marshmallow to a wire skewer specially made for the purpose with long, heat-resistant handles, and hold it over glowing coals, turning it occasionally for about 2 minutes. Expose the marshmallow to the heat until it is golden brown on all sides and gooey in the center. Use the second graham cracker half to help you slide the marshmallow off the skewer and onto the chocolate, then place the cracker on top.

Cooking Variations

S’mores take just a few minutes in either the oven or the microwave. For microwave cooking, top one of the graham cracker halves with the chocolate and marshmallow and microwave the assemblage for 5 to 10 seconds on high power. Place the other graham cracker on top to finish. In a preheated oven set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, place the chocolate and marshmallow atop a graham cracker half on a piece of foil or baking pan and cook for about 4 minutes, or until the marshmallow becomes gooey.

Variations on the Classic

S’more cooking methods include making larger treats with whole graham crackers or wrapping the s’more in foil and placing it directly on coals for about 3 minutes, turning it once. Use your imagination to create flavor change-ups. Substitute ginger or peanut butter cookies for the graham crackers, or use peanut butter and chocolate candy instead of plain chocolate. In addition to the classic ingredients, add hazelnut-chocolate spread or peanut butter to the inside of the top graham cracker. And, while they won’t change a s’more into a healthy treat, thinly sliced bananas or strawberries give this treat an added dimension.