Short bangs look best when they’re styled immaculately to emphasize your cut. Keeping bangs super-short adds structure to the hairstyle, so they need to be well maintained. With short bangs, you have little hair to work with after drying, so it is also essential that you get a good cut to help them fall into place naturally.

Things You'll Need

Wash and blow-dry your hair as usual. If you don’t usually blow-dry your hair, use the hair dryer to finish your bangs when the rest of your hair is almost dry. Angle the hot air down the hair shaft from above, to avoid making your bangs fluffy. Brush it through from the top as you are drying it. If you are in between washes with misbehaving bangs, simply wet them down before blow-drying.

Smooth flat irons over your bangs. Clamp sections of hair between the plates and gently pull down to get your bangs poker straight. If you want your short bangs to curl under slightly, curl the flat irons round as you slide them off the hair.

Set your bangs with a dab of styling product or spritz of hairspray. A fine mist of light hairspray holds unruly hair. Half a pump of serum on hair prone to frizzing enhances smoothness and shine. Or if you have choppy layers, smooth light wax through the tips of hair to give separation.


  • Bangs are just a small section of hair, cut close to the scalp so they can look greasy with too much tweaking. Use featherweight styling products in your bangs, such as brush-out hairspray brand Ellnet, Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech, or the Aveda Light Elements range.