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Bouncy Shirley Temple curls are a classic look that requires little effort to achieve but may take some time, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. This technique of creating tight spiral curls works best on medium-length hair but can also be tried on both shorter and longer hair. Before starting, make sure that your hair is clean and thoroughly brushed out to remove tangles.

Apply mousse generously onto slightly damp hair, combing it through the hair from root to tip.

Using a fine-toothed comb, brush your hair and divide it into four sections. Tie or clip three of the sections.

Take a one-inch section of hair from the loose section and hold it out away from your head at a 45-degree angle. Wrap the ends of the hair around a flex-rod curler. Continue wrapping in a tight spiral pattern until the entire strand is wrapped.

Bend the ends of the rod to secure the hair on the rod and keep the rod close to the scalp.

Continue wrapping strands around the rods until all the hair has been wrapped.

Allow your hair to dry completely either by keeping the curling rods in overnight or by using a blow dryer.

Bend the rods back into their original shape and unwrap each strand one at a time. Start with the rods on the back of your head, making your way toward your face.

Comb your fingers through your curls to separate them. Style and shape the curls around the face. To achieve the Shirley Temple look and get tighter, fatter curls, combine several curls into one by twisting them around your finger.

Spray the finished look with hairspray to keep your curls in place.


Flex-rod curlers come in various sizes. For a look closer to Shirley Temple's, use the larger rods. If curling your hair right after washing, towel dry your hair thoroughly. Wet hair will take a longer time to dry and set in the curlers.

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