Sherbet lends itself well to punch because it’s available in a variety of fruit flavors and dissolves easier than ice cream due to its lower milk content. The punch is one of the last things you should prepare for a party, because you want it to serve it fresh. To keep it cold without watering down the flavor, nestle the punch bowl in a tray filled with ice.

Things You'll Need

Scoop out the sherbet with an ice cream scooper and place the scoops in a punch bowl. You need 1/2 quart of sherbert for each bottle of sparkling wine and ginger ale.
You can use any sherbert flavor; lemon, raspberry, strawberry and rainbow all work.

Pour a bottle of chilled ginger ale or soda and a bottle of sparkling wine in the bowl slowly. You can use any soda you like, but light, clear sodas work best.

Stir the ingredients with a spoon slowly until mixed. Serve the punch on top of a bowl of ice.