Shamballa bracelets are currently enjoying a wellspring of demand. That celebrities have worn them in the public eye undoubtedly contributes to their renown. The word “Shamballa” has two connotations. It denotes a mythic domain in the beliefs of Tibetan Buddhists, and it is also the brand name for a celebrated jewelry company. Bracelets under the official Shamballa label can be expensive. But resourceful jewelry lovers can fashion a similar bracelet for a low cost.

Things You'll Need

Loop Knot

Begin the bracelet by cutting two lengths of your thread to 36 inches with scissors.

Fold them in half and make a knot at the center. Form a 1/2-inch loop.

Pull the strands to tighten the knot and leave the loop intact.

Square Knots

Place the left cord over the center of the thread lengths, then under the right cord. Allow this section of the cord to be loose.

Pass the right cord under the center and over the left cord.

Move the right again over the center, then under the left cord.

Pass the left cord under the center and over the right cord.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 twice, so that you have formed three square knots.

Adding the Beads

Thread one bead along the two inner strands. Then make another square knot.

Repeat this process of threading a bead and making a square knot until you have reached your desired bracelet length.

Complete three additional square knots once your bracelet is at the length you like.

Closing the Bracelet

Finish your bracelet with crimp beads. Slide one crimp bead down both sides of the bracelet.

Pull the thread through the crimp beads to form the bracelet into a circle. Fit the bracelet onto your wrist and size it so that the bracelet is both comfortable and attractive. Remove your wrist.

Tie a knot to mark the correct size for the bracelet. This knot should be wider than the diameter of the crimp beads.

Tuck and pull this knot so that it fits inside both crimp beads.

Close the beads by clamping down on them with jewelry-specific pliers. Cut away excess thread length.