Whether you’re craving a sensual massage from your partner, want to create the perfect DIY gift or are looking for a way to treat yourself, creating sensual massage oil is the perfect solution. Making it yourself is pretty simple and only requires a few ingredients. And by making the oil yourself, you’ll know exactly what goes into the product. That’s especially nice for those who like to use eco-friendly items.

Things You'll Need

Pour 4 ounces of safflower oil into a mixing bowl. Safflower oil is best when creating sensual massage oil because it is odorless, colorless and glides onto the body easily. It is also full of nutrients.

Select an essential oil of your choice. Some popular choices are lavender, mint, rose, eucalyptus, citrus and chamomile.

Use an eyedropper to drop 4 to 5 drops of your essential oil into the safflower oil.

Add two drops of Vitamin E to your oil for an extra boost of moisture.

Mix all the oils together with a spoon. Continue to do so until all the ingredients are fully integrated together.

Pour your newly created sensual massage oil into a jar or bottle for storage. Make sure to seal it well.

Apply one teaspoon at a time when you’re ready to use the massage oil. Rub onto the body until the skin absorbs it. For a heated massage oil, place your bottle or jar in a bowl of hot water.


  • You can find safflower oil and essential oils at most Earth-friendly stores and also online.